Feelgood App

Feelgood will help you to improve your general outlook on life. Once a day you take some time for yourself and think about something positive.

Feelgood - Positive Thought

The app Feelgood is intended to give back to you what many of us have lost in these hectic times: to focus briefly on yourself and to have a positive thought.

The app is extremely simple, doesn’t collect your data, and is tailored to you as an individual.

You don’t need to register. You don’t need to write anything down. You don’t need to engage with something you don’t want to. You are simply in the presence of yourself. It’s in YOUR head. Every night, you will get a prompt to think about something positive in your life. We will remind you a couple of times of this thought, and then you will receive the next prompt. Each positive thought helps you to improve your well-being. Give it a try!