About Feelgood

Feelgood will help you to improve your general outlook on life. Once a day you take some time for yourself and think about something positive.

You will feel better if you briefly pause several times a day to think about something positive. Every day we will ask you a new question that you can answer for yourself. Take enough time to think about it seriously and to register the feelings it elicits. The answer will be different for each person, and no answer is wrong. Frequently, the positive thoughts will be accompanied by negative ones. Be compassionate with yourself and focus on the positive thoughts for this brief time. Any doubts and objections can wait...

This works best with this app if we are able to remind you of your current thought. We therefore recommend that you activate the notification feature so you can recover the positive thought you had before.

Do you have questions, suggestions, or critique? Please let us know! We welcome any feedback: hello@anyapps.io

Warning: if you have chronic psychological problems, please seek professional help! No app can deliver that: only properly trained people can. If you feel trapped, please contact your local counseling providers.